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Extramniotic Ethacridine

Extramniotic Ethacridine

Mechanism behind is as it separates the uterus from membranes, membranes will start producing progesterone which will bring about contractions of the uterus and ultimately expelling of the fetus or conception product.

The steps in the mechanism consists of:

  • Foleys catheter
  • Place between uterus & membranes
  • Pass Ethacridine
  •  %, dose 10ml x weeks of gestation

→ Maximum -150ml, and Foleys is allowed to be there for 4-6 hours.

→ Abortion begins by 12-48hours.

Mechanism of accommodation

Mechanism of accommodation

→Lens Change shape by: Ciliary muscles → Zonules → Lens

Ciliary muscle relaxed→Zonules stretched→Lens flattened for Focusing distant Objects

Ciliary muscle contracted→Zonules relaxed→Lens rounded for Focusing on close Objects

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