AIIMS PG Exam – 84921


Which of the following is a schedule X drug?

A. Thalidomide

B. Colistin

C. Ketamine

D. Halothane


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84924


Vitamin D toxicity is treated with

A. Chloroquine

B. Hydroxychloroquine

C. Dexamethasone

D. Ketoconazole


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84922


Why glycopyrrolate is used as pre-anesthetic medication ?

A. it is used because it is an anxiolytic.

B. Because it decreases the secretions.

C. It’s used as an induction agent.

D. Both A & B


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84925


Post operative thromboprophylaxis by low molecular weight heparin is best done by which route of administration?

A. Subcutaneous

B. Intravenous

C. Inhalational

D. Intramuscular


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84926


What is the dose of adrenaline in anaphylactic shock?

A. 0.5 ml in 1:1000

B. 0.5 ml in 1:10000

C. 1 ml in 1:1000

D. 1.5 ml in 1:1000


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84928


Like all opioids, tramadol acts as an analgesic drug by stimulating mu-opioid receptors. Apart from this, the additional mechanism of action of tramadol is?

A. Serotonin and nor-adrenaline reuptake inhibition

B. Anticholinergic

C. Antihistaminic

D. Serotonin and dopamine reuptake inhibition


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84931


The adverse effect of Foscarnet includes all except-

A. Hypercalcemia

B. Hyperkalemia

C. Hypocalcemia

D. Hypokalemia


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84933


Which of the following is clinical use of tafenoquine?

A. Radical cure of Plasmodium  vivax

B. Prophylaxis of malaria in pregnancy

C. Treatment of severe falciparum malaria

D. Treatment of malaria in children < 2 years


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84934


A nurse got accidental prick from the HIV infected needle.  Which of the following is T/F regarding the management of this nurse?

a. Lamivudine used as monotherapy in post-exposure prophylaxis (t/f)

b. Washing hands advised(t/f)

c. Viral markers at the time of prick(t/f)

d. Repeat serology at 6 weeks (t/f)

A. b,c,d true and a false

B. a, b true and c, d false

C. b,c true and a,d false

D. All true


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