Image Based Question-67280


A chronic smoker presented with progressive shortness of breath and cough.Chest X ray showed the following features.What can be the most probable diagnosis?

A. Right upper lobe Collapse.

B. Right sided Pneumonia.

C. Right sided Pneumothorax.

D. Normal X ray.


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Image Based Question-67945


Appearance as seen on X-ray Photograph ofLungs is NOT found in

A. Varicella pneumonia.

B. Disseminated TB.

C. Klebsiella.

D. Loeffler’s pneumonia.


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Image Based Question-65726


A patient suffered from following type of infection(as seen in the image) in the foot after wearing occlusive foot wear daily for a long duration.Identify the type of infection ?

A. Tinea unguium.

B. Tinea glabrosa.

C. Tinea pedis.

D. Tinea cruris.


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Image Based Question-65723


An eleven year old boy visited a clinician with a condition as shown in the picture below on his scalp. The most appropriate line of treatment is ?

A. Oral griseofulvin therapy.

B. Topical griseofulvin therapy.

C. Shaving of the scalp.

D. Selenium sulphide shampoo.


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Image Based Question-71944


A female suffering from diabetes presented with the following skin lesions.What can be the most possible diagnosis?

A. Acanthosis Nigricans.

B. Erythema Marginatum.

C. Necrobiosis lipoidica.

D. Erythroderma.


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Image Based Question-67567


Identify the surgical instrument shown in the picture below ?

A. Deaver retractor.

B. Langenbeck retractor.

C. Army-Navy retractor.

D. Richardson retractor.


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Image Based Question-66655


Identify the congenital uterine anomaly shown in the picture below ?

A. Unicornuate.

B. Bicornuate.

C. Septate.

D. Arcuate.


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Image Based Question-66652


Supports of an organ as shown in the picture below are all except ?

A. Utero sacral ligament.

B. Broad ligament.

C. Mackenrodt’s ligament.

D. Levator ani.


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Image Based Question-72059


A 51 year old male patient presented with a reddish mass in his right nasal cavity, with frequent bleeding episodes, for the past five months.Histopathological examination shows the following picture.
What can be the most possible diagnosis?

A. Inverted Papilloma

B. Rhinoscleroma

C. Rhinosporidiosis

D. Angiofibroma


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Image Based Question-72058


A 35-year-old presents with unilateral hearing loss that has been gradual but progressive over the last 6 months.Autoscopic picture is shown in the image. Appropriate treatment of the above condition consists of

A. Prolonged antibiotics for up to 4 weeks.

B. Decongestant and antihistamine administration.

C. Corticosteroid treatment for 2 weeks.

D. Tympanomastoidectomy.


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