What is Unacademy ?

Unacademy is a LIVE Teaching Platform . It Brings LIVE Classes from the BEST of the Teachers at the convenience of your home with the benefit of recorded sessions. So basically you get the benefit of attending LIVE classes [without travelling] and even if you miss the class you can see the recording of the session at your own time.



How is Unacademy Different from other Video Lectures?

Video Lectures [Or Recorded Sessions] is just a part of Unacademy.

At Unacademy the focus is on mentoring the students towards success. This is achieved by Top Educators of NEET PG taking LIVE classes which you can attend from your home.

The Level of interaction and mentorship at Unacademy is actually higher than even LIVE classes at a physical center because the student interacts freely here without any social pressure.

In live classes student fail to ask their doubts or answer questions or even discuss because of peer pressure and pressure of being wrong or being made fun of.


How is the 6 Months course structured?

Over the Next 6 Months there will be 2-3 classes on Weekdays everyday [Between 9-12 PM]. ON Weekends there will be discussion of MCQs and Doubts.

Every Month there will be 1-2 Grand Test and at least  1 Full Length Tests.

Overall in a guided way you will be easily able to complete your entire syllabus along with MCQs by August so that you can focus the last 3 months for extensive revision.

All this by just attending Online Classes for only 3 hrs a day.

And Yes there will  be special classes arranged on Topics requested by students on which they have doubts and are unclear?


Is it better than classroom foundation course?

Are you kidding ??

Classroom courses treat NEET PG aspirants Like some Pendrive or Hard drive.

Come’on Who in the world can attend 8-10 hrs of lectures and actually learn.

Most of the Classroom courses will force you to attend 8-10 hrs of lecture . I dont know I dont even want to talk about it .

But I dont think it should be difficult for you to understand which one will be better. A LIVE class powered by technology which you can attend sitting at the comfort of your home at fraction of the cost or a Full Classroom course where in the cost in terms of both time and money is huge and benefit at best controversial.

But you make the decision for yourself and decide what is best for you.


What is the Cost ?

The Cost is about 24K before discount. But there are some exclusive offers for Students at Medicoapps. To Know about it Keep reading.


How should I join?

There are 2 ways

You can Goto Unacademy Website and Directly Join their Subscription plan [1 Month / 3 Month / 6 Month / 12 month or 24 month ]. If You decide so , use the Discount Code drabhishek10 

This will give you a discount of 10% or sometimes even more depending upon if there is some promotion going on.

Second Way,

You can Get to know the BEST offer which is available as of now by Clicking on the Below Get This offer button. Trust me there is always some exciting offer at our end because of Medicoapps Tieup with Unacademy.

Also if you join as a part of this 6 Months Program you will get access to Our Q Bank [NEET PG / AIIMS PG / PGI ] and High Yield Topics App access for 6 Months .


I still have some doubt?

I can understand. You still may have certain doubts before trusting Unacademy for your NEET PG preparation. If so Click Here to Schedule a personal call with me . On clicking your request will be forwarded to Deepthi who will schedule a 15 minute direct call with me.

So What are the things included in this 6 Months Subscription

  1. Foundation of All 19 Subjects
  2. PDF Notes of Above Foundation Course
  3. Weekly Mock Tests on Above Subjects
  4. Complete Test Series [Includes All India Test / Subjectwise Grand Test / Image Based Tests]
  5. 6 Months Access to All Medicoapps Apps

Click on the Below Button to Know About the BEST Offer


(The Offer Button will connect you with Deepthi

over Whats App Chat

so that she can help you with the best offer available)

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