Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Exam is Just a few Months away . Will it benefit me?

Ans- The Questions in the Image based Mobile App are all based on Authentic Questions asked in NEET PG / DNB and AIIMS PG exams. This makes it a valuable tool just before the exams.

Q. How Long can I use the App?

Ans-The App is available for 1 Month / 6 Month  / 12 Month Validity

Q. What if I have accidentally uninstalled the app or Lost or broken my phone ?

Ans- I understand that such things happen. All you have to do is email me at abhishek@medicoapps.org and I will check from our End if the App is in use or not. Then we will send you a new activation code

Q. How Often is the questions updated ? How will my App get new questions.

Ans- New Questions are updated every 3 Months. You do not have to do anything. Whenver you open the app while connected to internet, the app automatically downloads all the new questions in the background.

Q. Some Images are missing . What should I do ?

Ans- Since the app is designed to work offline, the images are downloaded on your Mobile Phone for offline use. However sometimes due to internet / network issues some images may not be downloaded. Generally the no of such questions will < 1% of the total questions. In case of missing images you do not have to do anything as the images will be downloaded next time the app updates itself. If a lot of images are missing you can email me at abhishek@medicoapps.org

Do You Any Other Question??

Feel Free to Call us / Whats App us at 94 94 73 8000

or Email us at abhishek@mastersahib.com

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