Complete Your
Medical PG Syllabus
in 6 Months


Using our meticulously crafted teaching slides , we have achieved a remarkable feat to the condense the entire PG syllabus in just 350 hrs of engaging video lectures. Combined with our MCQ bank and High Yield Topics bank, these video lectures will efficiently guide you through the syllabus, ensuring completion in approximately 6 months.

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Why MedicoApps?


Complete the Entire NeXT PG
Syllabus in Just 350 Hrs.

Our meticulously crafted teaching slides have allowed us to achieve a remarkable feat – the completion of the entire NeXT PG Syllabus in a mere 350 hours of concise video content. 

Each video is thoughtfully designed to be brief, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes in length, ensuring that you can grasp the material efficiently.

With this well-structured approach, even dedicating just 2 hours of your daily schedule to our content will lead you to cover the entirety of the syllabus in approximately four months

The Ultimate Collection of Image Based + Clinical Questions

Medicoapps meticulously crafted Q Bank, tailored to align with the evolving exam patterns. Our vast repository boasts over 10,000 Image + Clinical Questions, all meticulously designed to reflect the latest examination formats. 

In addition to this, we offer a comprehensive assortment of subjectwise and topic-wise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that encompass high-yield concepts, frequently repeated questions, and those from previous years exams.

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80/20 Learning - High Yield Topics Approach

Understanding the exam dynamics, we acknowledge that 80% of the questions stem from a crucial 20% of the topics. 

At Medicoapps, our HYT (High Yield Topics) Bank comprises an impressive compilation of more than 2100 such essential topics. 

For each topic, we provide a concise yet comprehensive 3-5 paragraph synopsis, complemented by a comprehensive collection of all the exam questions that have been asked from those very topics.

Revision is the Key - Visual Concept Cards

Medicoapps Concepts Cards – a comprehensive collection of vital medical images, tables, flowcharts, mnemonics, and other essential information, all transformed into engaging visual flashcards. 

These cards serve as powerful tools to enhance your memorization and aid in revising exam-relevant critical information effectively.

With our Concepts Cards, you can immerse yourself in a dynamic learning experience, making complex concepts easily digestible and memorable. Embracing the power of visualization, these cards empower you to reinforce your understanding and retention of key medical knowledge.


Weekly LIVE Mentorship Session

While there is an abundance of PG preparation material available, many students find themselves overwhelmed by the vast syllabus. At our platform, we understand your concerns, and that’s why we have devised a unique approach to keep you motivated and supported throughout your preparation journey.

Every week, we host LIVE Zoom sessions with our experienced faculty members and successful toppers. During these sessions, you have the opportunity to interact directly, seeking guidance and solutions to any challenges you may encounter in your PG preparation. These personalized interactions are designed to provide you with the necessary support and encouragement, ensuring you stay on the right track towards achieving your goal.

We believe that having this dedicated support system will not only boost your motivation but also instill confidence in your preparation strategy. With our team by your side, you can overcome any hurdles and approach your exams with self-assurance and determination.

Truly Offline - All Content except Video availble offline

Embrace uninterrupted preparation with our comprehensive suite of study resources, including the Q Bank, Test Series, Flash Cards, and High Yield Topic Bank, all available offline. We understand the importance of continuous learning, especially for students situated in remote areas or hospitals facing network issues.

Our offline accessibility ensures that your preparation journey never encounters a halt. Whether you’re working in remote regions or dealing with connectivity challenges in a hospital setting, you can rely on our offline resources to stay on track and make the most of your study time.

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MedicoApps help you complete
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MedicoApps help you complete
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Amita Ranganath, NEET PG Aspirant
Navigating through the clinical and image-based questions was always daunting until I found Medicoapps. The detailed explanations and offline access allowed me to take my preparation to the next level. The blend of previous year's questions with new content helped me stay ahead!
Rahul D'Souza, FMGE Candidate
I was looking for a comprehensive collection of image-based questions, and Medicoapps was a perfect find. The seamless offline experience and systematic categorization were exactly what I needed. It's an essential tool for any FMGE candidate.
Simone Fernandes, INI CET Student
Clinical questions were never my strong suit, but Medicoapps provided the insight and practice I needed to master them. The ease of access and robust question bank made my preparation smoother and more enjoyable. Highly recommended!
Vivek Joshi, NEET PG Topper
What sets Medicoapps apart is the care taken in crafting each question and explanation. The app was pivotal in my understanding of complex clinical and image-based questions. I attribute my NEET PG success to this powerful learning tool!
Lakshmi Nair, FMGE Aspirant
Medicoapps' extensive database of image-based questions provided the rigorous practice I needed. Being able to study offline was an added boon. The questions are reflective of what actually appears in exams. A must-have for any serious FMGE aspirant.
Karan Khanna, NeXT PG Student
I wanted an app that could provide real exam-level questions with accurate explanations. Medicoapps delivered exactly that. The range of questions and ease of use transformed my study routine. It's no exaggeration to say that Medicoapps shaped my success in the NeXT PG exam.
Fatima Al-Sayed, International FMGE Candidate
As an international student, Medicoapps was instrumental in familiarizing me with the types of questions asked in FMGE. The offline mode was perfect for my study schedule, and the well-explained answers helped me bridge gaps in my understanding.
Sudhir Mehta, INI CET Aspirant
Medicoapps is more than just a question bank. It’s a mentor, guiding you through the labyrinth of clinical and image-based questions. The authenticity and quality of questions are unmatched. A worthwhile investment for any INI CET aspirant.
Alisha Thomas, NEET PG Candidate
The versatility of questions, alignment with current patterns, and thorough explanations are what make Medicoapps stand out. It was my go-to resource for last-minute revision, and I can confidently say it played a crucial role in my performance.
Bhavesh Patel, FMGE Student
The major shift towards clinical and image-based questions made me nervous, but Medicoapps eased those fears. The real-life quality of images and clarity in explanations helped me grasp intricate concepts effortlessly. An essential app for anyone aiming high in FMGE.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is this app suitable for all the mentioned exams??

Yes, it covers NEET PG, NeXT PG, INI CET, and FMGE Exams.

Can I access the questions offline?

Yes, the app is available offline, allowing for uninterrupted study.

How frequently is the app updated?

Regular updates ensure alignment with the latest exam patterns.

Are explanations provided for all questions?

Every question includes detailed explanatory notes to deepen your understanding.

Can I use the app offline?

Yes, once the content is downloaded, you can access it offline, making it convenient for areas with unstable internet connectivity.

Is this app for beginners or advanced students?

Both! It caters to students at all levels of preparation.

Do I have to pay for updates or additional content?

All updates and additional contents, during your subscription period, are absolutely free. No hidden charges!

Are previous year exam questions included??

Yes, all relevant previous year exam questions are included.

Is there any support if I have doubts or questions?

Customer support is available to assist with any inquiries or doubts.

How can I access the 3-day free trial?

Simply download the app and sign up. The free trial starts automatically, letting you explore and experience the transformative revision method.

What happens after my free trial ends?

After your 3-day free trial, you’ll have an option to choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. This ensures uninterrupted access to all the features and updates.

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