I know the pain of reffering to multiple sources to complete each subject.


I understand how difficult it is to complete syllabus of each subject within stipulated 7-10 days time and feel confident to be able to answer the questions from it.


I know how the tough competition and huge syllabus makes us overwhelmed while preparing for PG preparation.


I know how it feels wasting hours to find the BEST Source for each and every subject but getting really confused by so many choices of books available.


And Finally even when you zero down on a book, there is so much content in each book that separating what is really important from what is not that important becomes another huge task.


Imagine a situation

wherein you have in your hands a set of notes

which can help you 

finish any subject confidently in 7-10 days max.


Imagine having with you a set of notes which can help you 

answer almost 60-70 % of questions 

asked in any PG entrance exams

but still be precise enough so that you can

easily finish it and revise it multiple times.


Now Uptil Now These Notes are Only A Part of Our FULL PROGRAM and I do not Sell them separately.

However on request of so many students, This year I have got about 200 Extra Copies of these notes printed.

Cost of Notes 

Black and White Printed Version – 7999/- Only

Color Printed Version – 14999/- Only

See For Yourself If the Notes is Worth Your TIME (And Money) before purchasing

Notes Sample
  1. Anatomy :
  2. Biochemistry :
  3. Physiology :
  4. Pharmacology :
  5. Pathology :
  6. Forensic Medicine :
  7. Microbiology :
  8. ENT :
  9. Ophtha :
  10. Obs :
  11. Gyne :
  12. Surgery :
  13. Psychiatry :
  14. Radiology :
  15. Pediatrics :
  16. Anesthesia :
  17. Skin :
  18. PSM :
  19. Ortho :
  20. Medicine :

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