Lifetime Validity

Understanding LIFETIME Validity 

What is LIFETIME Validity ?

Lifetime Validity is wherein you pay once and can use the App as long as you want. A lot of our students buy our App while they are still in college and they want to continue using it for next 3-4 years [Till the time they get their PG seats]. Even many post interns / interns once they have used our app want to continue using our app as they may not be selected in the same year. So we have a concept of LIFTETIME Validity.

Why is LIFETIME Validity Given?

Whenever we launch an app we really appreciate students supporting the launch by buying the paid versions of the app. Just to Say THANK YOU to those early supporters and to respect their love and care about Medicoapps Community , we give them LIFETIME Validity.

So any app in the first 1-2 months of its launch will have LIFETIME Validity. We generally announce the date after which all purchases will be valid for  1 Year

Is there anyway I can get LIFETIME Validity even after the date ?

Yes. We can offer LIFETIME Validity to [On Special Request] to these 3 Category of Students

  1. Students Who are Still pursuing their MBBS and have not completed Internship
  2. If you have supported Medicoapps Community previously
  3. If the App Featured on our Offer of the Month . Click Here to See the Offer of the Month

How to Apply for LIFETIME membership to any of our Apps?

Since we are selective about our LIFETIME membership . You have to Send your request via Whats App to +91 94 94 08 8000 along with Your Name / College Name / Which App you want LIFETIME Membership / Reason for LIFETIME Membership

What contributes towards supporting Medicoapps Community ?

Medicoapps is Not a Webisite / Coaching Institute / Some App in Playstore.

Medicoapps is a MISSION. Click Here to Know More About Medicoapps

We actively track if you share something about Medicoapps on Social Media or refer any students to Medicoapps or Solve our daily updates. Basically the more you use Medicoapps Content and share it then more your contribution is towards the community.

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