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Water hammer pulse is seen in

A. Aortic regurgitation

B. Mitral stenosis

C. Aortic stenosis

D. Left ventricular failure


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Vegetation in mitral valve seen in which condition

A. Libman sacks

B. Infective endocarditis


D. Rheumatic fever


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Sudden onset headache with neck rigidity?

A. Intraparenchymal hemorrhage

B. Sah

C. Meningitis

D. None of the above


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Which of the following criteria is used to assess the prognosis of the liver condition as represented in the picture below?

A. Child pugh score

B. Milan score

C. Meld score

D. Alvarado score


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Nutcracker esophagus, the correct statement is

A. There is extremely forceful peristaltic activity leading to episodes of chest pain and dysphagia

B. There is no medical t/t available

C. Type of oesophageal Malignancy

D. None


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A patient diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis was on medications. After 2 years, he developed a blurring vision and was found to have corneal opacity. Which drug is most likely to cause this?

A. Sulfasalazine

B. Chloroquine

C. Methotrexate

D. Leflunomide


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A drug used in a patient with increased IOP and optic disc changes, ciliary congestion for decrease IOP acts by increasing uveoscleral outflow is

A. Latanoprost

B. Pilocarpine

C. Dorzolamide

D. Timolol


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The characteristic finding of fungal ulcers?

A. Satellite lesions

B. Dendritic ulcer

C. Ring abscess

D. White hypopyon


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The patient came with unilateral Proptosis and bilateral Abducent nerve palsy. This could be from

A. Cavernous sinus

B. Orbital cellulitis

C. Orbital pseudotumor

D. Orbital lymphoma


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An extra row of cilia posterior to the grey line

A. Distichiasis

B. Tylosis

C. Madarosis

D. Trichiasis


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