Cervical Incompetence-Diagnosis

Cervical Incompetence-Diagnosis

Diagnosis in non-pregnant female:

1. History: –


→ Only 2nd trimester loss

→Painless dilatation of cervix

→ As the no. of pregnancy loss ↑ POG at which loss occurs↓

2. Hegar dilator no. 8 can pass through Internal Os without Pt. resistance.

3. On hystero cervicography- Funnel Shape

• In hysterocervicography with the help of foleys catheter radiopaque dye is injected.

• In normal pt. as os is closed dye will not come out but in cervical incompetence dye will

ome out and result in funnel shape.

• All these are not a very good method to be performed in non-pregnant females.

Diagnosis in pregnant female:

  1. TVS (cervical length should be ideally 3.5)

→ Length of cervix <2.5 cm

→ Dilation of cervix ≥2cm

→ Shape of cervix-U shaped (Normally T shape)

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