Congenital Glaucoma-Treatment

Congenital Glaucoma-Treatment

If cornea is clear:


  • Safer method, but rare in India as:
  • Gonioscopy should be used to look at the angle
  • As pt. usually comes to the doctor very late
  • And the cornea is no clearer and hazier.
  • In hazy cornea it is difficult to perform Goniotomy
  • Barkan’s membrane is punctured by a needle allowing aqueous outflow through trabecular meshwork & helps in ↓IOP

If cornea is hazy:


  • Scleral approach to trabecular meshwork → small hole is made in trabecular meshwork→ Normal aqueous flow → ↓IOP

Trabeculotomy + Trabeculectomy (TRAB+TRAB)

  • TRAB+TRAB →Along with a small hole, a piece of Trabecular mesh work is removed for the normal aqueous flow – ↓IOP

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