Content of Thought

Content of thought

The disturbances in content of thought are:

  • Delusion-False, unshakable belief that cannot be explained on social / cultural background
  • Persecution-M/C Delusion. Believes someone what to harm the patient
  • Reference-Events happening around him are somewhat related to him
  • Grandeur / Grandiosity-He has some exceptional identity or power
  • Erotomania-Fantasy Lover Syndrome or Delusion of Love or CLERAMBAULT Syndrome
  • Nihilistic-Delusion of Negation or Cotard’s Syndrome
  • Infidelity-Delusion of Jealously or Othello Syndrome
  • Guilt-Occurs in Pt with Severe Depression
  • Bizarre-Delusion which are scientifically impossible and culturally implausible
  1. E.g.-Person tells that aliens have taken my heart
  • Non-Bizarre-False but possible
  1. E.g.-Person complains that family members are trying to kill to take property

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