Feeling Sad because Your are struggling with your PG Preparation ???

Feeling Sad

because Your are struggling

with your PG Preparation ???

Let me ask You a Question ?? Lets Assume there are 2 Person – Shweta & Akash .

Shweta covered a distance of 10 km in one hour. Akash covered the same distance in one and a half hours.

Which of the two is faster and healthier??

Of course our answer will be Shweta.


What if we say that Shweta covered this distance on a prepared track while Akash did it by walking on a sandy path???

Then our answer will be Akash.


But when we come to know that Shweta is 50 years old while Akash is 25 years old??

Then our answer will be Shweta again.

But we also come to know that Akash’s weight is 140 kg while Shweta’s weight us 65 kg.

Again our answer will be Akash


As we learn more about Akash and Shweta, our opinions and judgments about who is better will change.

The reality of life is also similar. We form opinions very superficially and hastily, due to which we are not able to do justice to ourselves and others.


Opportunities vary.

Life is different.

Resources differ.

Problems change.

Solutions are different.

Therefore the excellence of life

is not in comparing with anyone but in testing oneself.

You are the best.

Stay as you are and keep trying your best according to your circumstances.

Why this post??

I talk to many students of mine who are struggling to clear the PG exams and are frustrated.

The World and even they see that they despite their efforts , are not able to clear their PG exams.


Nobody Appreciates

There are many of us who are preparing with work.

There are many of us who are balancing family with PG Preparation

There are many of us who are struggling with breakups

There are many of us never had mentors

There are many of us who struggle to even pay for coaching / preparation app /

There are many of us who are simply drained out at this stage of life


But I as write this post, I want to tell you , I just want to tell you to know that , life is not fair and so it is not fair for you to be bogged down by your results and compare it others.

Give Your Best and

Give Your Continuous effort.

And Leave rest of it to God.

And All I can say with my experience is that those who forget about others and just continue to work with their limitations get whatever they strive for.

And Remember

Success has no correlation to Happiness


Happiness is hugely correlated to Success.


P.S – It this Post Helped you or you feel it can help someone do share it . Sharing is caring . Caring is Love and Love is Happiness.


Stay Healthy Stay Happy

Dr Abhishek


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