How to Tackle Family and Personal Issues ???

How to Tackle

Family & Personal Issues

during NEET PG Preparation ??


I keep calling Students to understand to understand on deepest level what are the major challenges they are facing during their NEET PG Preparation.

I expected students to talk about their difficulty in completing the huge syllabus or difficulty in revision and remembering facts  or other such problems.

But Astonishing as it may sound , many students talk about how their are completely surrounded by some personal or family issues and hence the NEET PG Preparation itself has taken back seat.

At First I use to ignore this and move on, but over last few years I have realized how almost every students who is preparing for NEET PG is at some level facing so many difficult situations at personal or family level.

While Some are able to tackle these issues many students are completely unaware how to move forward.


Lets Face it ,

Life was much simpler when we were Kids.


Our Biggest worry was getting pass marks(for most of us) Half-yearly and Final exams.

Our Favorite Food was “Maggie”

Our Favorite Actor was “Shah Rukh Khan” and Favorite Actress was “Kajol”

Our Biggest Disappointment was when we lost the ball (while playing cricket) and the game had to be stopped till we collected enough money to buy another ball.

And Our Only RESPONSIBILITY was ……. ??????

Responsibility ?? What the Hell was that ??

But Then We Got into medical college and without realizing we are almost 23 Years Old

(By the Way Do you realize that you have spent your entire Sweet TEENage preparing for Medical College and then Attending medical college )


What Happens at 23 Years

(And More So if You are a doctor )


Life will never be simple again.

You eat maggie almost like a meal many times a week.

Favorite food or favorite anything does not really mean anything to you.

And Yes suddenly there is so many people (Family , Family of family , Friends , Friends of Friends , Relatives , Relatives of Relatives , People Whom You know , People Whom you do not know) who suddenly have a lot of expectation from you.

You are expected to take decisions.

And So many things that it is almost impossible to even list 10% of things here.

Soon it feels like this



So is it really surprising that NEET PG takes a Backseat.


So what can we do about it ??


Now the First Step is realizing that LIFE will get even more complex as we grow older.

We cannot do many things about it.

But Here is a small Tip (From my personal experience)

I always wake up at 5:00 in Morning. Yes Even On Sundays. This is a habit I acquired long back. And I would start my day with doing 2 Hrs of doing the most important things for the day.

So when I was preparing, I would study everyday for 2 Hrs.

Now When I am running Medicoapps, Every day from 5:00 to 7:00 AM I will create Videos / Modules / Reply to Emails.

5:00 -7:00 AM Time for me is 

GOD Hours.


Now Lets See Why this 5:00 – 7:00 AM is Absolutely different from the Rest of the Day.

  1. You are absolutely fresh after having a Good Night Sleep
  2.  You are most relaxed [Most of the Fire Fighting and Anxiety comes as we move along the day]
  3. NOBODY Disturbs you during these Hours
  4. This Time BELONGS Exclusively to you


Throughout the Entire Day , Anybody can HIJACK your time with their own work or agenda but Nobody has an access to these morning 5:00-7:00 AM .



So What Can we Do in this Time ??

  • You can use it in any thing which is important to you.
  • You can Use it to start your NEET PG Preparation.
  • You can use it to exercise [If Health is a priority for you]
  • You can use to Learn Guitar or write poems.


How Much can you achieve using these 2 hrs??

I would say pretty much anything.

I am a full time practising physician and all what I have done in Medicoapps is 90% Done during these GOD Hours.

Research, Says that we always over-estimate what we can achieve it in short term and under-achieve what we can achieve in Long Term.

Just Two Hrs a day , Can help you build the required momentum to Get the ball moving.


And What can be a better way to start your day other than doing something that you truly want to accomplish.


But This is not All.


The REAL MAGIC happens what happens throughout the day.

With such a Kick Start and taking care of the Most Important thing even before the day starts for most of your friends,

You have are filled with a COMPLETE different level of energy to tackle your entire day with whatever the challenges it may bring.

Just Imagine That.

Now by giving such a simple solution (but a very powerful one ) I am in no way trying to underestimate the challenges you are facing at personal and family level because I understand things can get really really complex.

But Still thing simple solution may help focus on your most important goals along with effectively tackling your day to day challenges.


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Be Awesome
Stay Awesome
Dr Abhishek Gupta


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