Immature defense mechanisms

Immature defense mechanisms

Acting Out

→ Acting out unconscious desires without becoming aware of them

→ Ex – Person steals an item from shop without any prior planning

→ Forms the basis of IMPULSE Control Disorders

Passive Aggressive Behavior

→ Indirectly expressing the anger towards others

→ Ex – Child Trips and drops the glass of water if he is forced to bring a glass of water for his father

→ Attempt to return to an earlier phase of development to avoid the tensions and conflict of current stage

→ Extremely stressed about exam, a student’s starts watching cartoons or playing cricket with small children

→ Involved in development of Neurosis

Projecting Identification

→ Intolerable aspects of self are projected on to another person and other person inducted to play the part

→ Wife is aggressive, projects aggression on husband. Now he behaves aggressively and she is recipient

→ Projective identification is seen in patients with borderline personality disorder

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