Iron Metabolism in Pregnancy

Iron Metabolism in Pregnancy

→ Total amount needed 1000mg

→ Fetus=300mg

→ Lost at delivery= 250mg

→ Daily requirement=4-6mg/day

First trimester -1-2 mg/dl

Second trimester -4-5 mg/dl

Third trimester – 6mg/dl

  • All parameters of iron metabolism decrease during pregnancy except for the two Ts viz Total iron binding capacity and serum Transferrin levels, which increase.
  • No matter what form of iron we are taking only 10 % of iron in dietary form is absorbed. Which means if a pregnant female requires 4-6mg of iron she needs to take 40-60 mg of iron (as only 10% is absorbed) → Now everyday taking 40-60mg is practically not possible and therefore iron supplements are required/ mandatory during pregnancy.

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