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A 64-year-old male is taken to the emergency department by his son after he developed difficulty breathing at night. The patient had been healthy three days back when he had a mild fever and flu-like symptoms, which he tried treating with ibuprofen. The symptoms were not relieved with the medication and rapidly progressed. The patient has a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and has been a pack-per-day smoker for 30 years. The vital signs reveal a blood pressure of 110/82 mmHg, a pulse of 109 bpm, a temperature of 102 Fahrenheit, and a respiratory rate of 26 breaths per minute. The causative agent is a virus that is made infectious by reassortment. Which of the following complications can be seen in this condition?

A. Kidney failure


Acute rheumatic fever


Ruptured spleen



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