MCQ – 89041


A 34-year-old man is brought to the emergency department 3 hours after being bitten by a rattlesnake. He was hiking in the Arizona desert when he accidentally stepped on the snake and it bit his right leg. His pulse is 135/min and blood pressure is 104/81 mm Hg. Examination shows right lower leg swelling, ecchymosis, and blistering. Right ankle dorsiflexion elicits severe pain. A manometer inserted in the lateral compartment of the lower leg shows an intracompartmental pressure of 67 mm Hg. In addition to administration of the antivenom, the patient undergoes fasciotomy. Two weeks later, he reports difficulty in walking. Neurologic examination shows a loss of sensation over the lower part of the lateral side of the right leg and the dorsum of the right foot. Right foot eversion is 1/5. There is no weakness in dorsiflexion. Which of the following nerves is most likely injured in this patient?

A. Sural nerve


Tibial nerve


Superficial peroneal nerve


Deep peroneal nerve

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