MCQ – 89244


An unbooked full-term pregnant woman in labor is brought into the emergency room. A rapid HIV and hepatitis B surface antigen were performed, and a third-generation rapid HIV antibody assay came back reactive. How will you proceed in this scenario:

A. Get viral load done + start intravenous zidovudine prepartum and intrapartum + start the neonate on nevirapine + zidovudine


Get a fourth-generation HIV antigen + antibody test and then start zidovudine + start neonate on nevirapine


Shift the patient to the OT immediately for an emergency caesarian section with zidovudine infusion throughout + nevirapine prophylaxis in the neonate


Confirm the test with a western blot and then start zidovudine infusion + nevirapine prophylaxis

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