MSE-Mood & Affect

MSE-Mood & Affect

Mood is the sustained or longitudinal [over a period of time] emotional state

Affect is the cross sectional [At any specific point of time] emotional state

Limbic system:

Neuro-anatomical Substrate of Emotions – LIMBIC SYSTEM

Regulation of Emotions – Function of Frontal Lobe

Characteristics of mood & affect:


  • Euphoric Mood
  • Depressed Mood


  • Labile Mood – Excessive Variation in mood without apparent reason (Seen in Mania)
  • Affective Flattening – Absence of mood change irrespective of situation (Seen in Schizophrenia)

Appropriateness & Congruency-

  • Appropriateness of affect is described in relation to social situation
  • Congruency of mood is described in relation to the thought content of the person

Alexithymia – Inability to understand emotions of others or express emotions of self

Anhedonia – Loss of capacity to experience pleasure [unable to enjoy anything in life]

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