Procedure of pericision explained under 2 minutes 20 seconds

  • The procedure is performed a few weeks before removal of orthodontic appliance or it I performed at the same time as the appliance is removed.
  • If done during the time of appliance removal, the retainer must be inserted almost immediately.
  • After the procedure, the teeth are held in a good alignment until healing in a week. The teeth are held using removable or fixed retainers
  • Pericision involves surgical sectioning of these fibres by passing a sharp narrow scalpel through the gingival sulcus around the tooth to a depth of 2mm apical to the alveolar crest
  • Pericision is generally undertaken as an adjunctive retention procedure after the correction of rotations
  • The surgical procedure is performed using a #11 Bard-Parker Blade under Local anaesthesia.
  • Cuts are made interproximal on each side of a rotated tooth & along the labial or lingual gingival margin
  • No periodontal pack is necessary & there is only minor discomfort after this procedure.

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