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Which of the following Treponema is seen in the silver impregnation micrograph below?

A. Leptospira interrogans

B. Treponema pallidum

C. Ehrlichia chaffeensis

D. Borrelia burgdorferi


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Correct Answer » A


Ans: A.Leptospira interrogans

(Ref Ananthanarayan 10/e p3287, 8/e p372; Jawetz 27/e p330)

  • Hook like appearance of spirochetes in dark field microscopy image – Suggestive of Leptospira infection.


  • Tightly coiled, thin, flexible spirochetes 5-15 µm long, with very fine spirals 0.1-0.2 pm wide.
  • One end bent forming hook.
  • Actively motile – Best seen with dark-field microscope.

Electron micrograph image:

  • Thin axial filament & delicate membrane.
  • Spirochete – Delicate.

Dark-field view:

  • Appear only as a chain of minute cocci – Due to extreme delicacy.
  • Does not stain readily.
  • Can be silver-impregnated.

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