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Question What should be the most likely diagnosis of this 65 year old lady presents with backache and following radiograph of the spine shown in image: A. Osteoporosis B. Spondylolisthesis C. Spondylolysis D. Discitis   Show Answer Correct Answer » B Explanation Answer. B. Spondylolisthesis Spondylolisthesis is subluxation of lumbar vertebrae, usually occurring during adolescence. It …

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Image Based Question – 73106

Question Identify the condition as shown: A. Brodie abscess B. Osteoid osteoma C. Intracortical hemangioma D. Chondromyxoid fibroma   Show Answer Correct Answer » A Explanation Answer. A. Brodie abscess Brodie abscess is an intraosseous abscess related to a focus of subacute pyogenic osteomyelitis. Unfortunately, there is no reliable way radiographically to exclude a focus …

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Image Based Question – 73902

Question A 9-year-old child presents to your clinic with the following deformity. Which is the most likely fracture leading to such a defect? A. Colle’s fracture B. Lateral epicondyle fracture C. Medial epicondyle fracture D. Supracondylar fracture   Show Answer Correct Answer » D Explanation Ans: D. Supracondylar fracture (Ref: Apleys 9/e p371, 760) The given …

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Image Based Question – 74150

Question Identify the well circumscribed osteolytic lesion in a 8-year-old child in the calcaneum with pigmented deposit, with pathologic age: A. Ochronosis B. Hemophilic pseudotumor C. Pigmented villonodular Synovitis D. Eumycetes/mycetoma   Show Answer Correct Answer » B Explanation Ans: b. Hemophilic pseudotumor X-ray is useful in diagnosing intraosseous pseudotumors. Unilocular or multiloculated, lytic, expansile …

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