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Biochemistry Basics – 21849


The primary structure of a protein refers to:

A. Linear structure and order of the amino acids present

B. Regular confirmational forms of a protein

C. Complete three-dimensional structure of the polypeptide units of a given protein

D. Subunit structure of the protein


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Biochemistry Basics – 21852


An amino acid which does not participate in alpha-helix formation is:

A. Leucine

B. Glycine

C. Proline

D. Lysine


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Biochemistry Basics –21854


Folding of the protein chain is due to :

A. Amide bond

B. Hydrogen bonds

C. Phosphodiesterase bonds

D. Disulfide bond


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Biochemistry Basics – 21857


An Immunoglobulin molecule represents the following level of organized protein structure:

A. Primary structure

B. Secondary structure

C. Tertiary structure

D. Quaternary structure


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Biochemistry Basics – 21858


True about Isopeptide bond:

A. It makes protein resistant.

B. Bond is formed between the carboxyl terminus of one protein and the amino group of a lysine residue on another.

C. Involves in post-transcriptional modification of protein and enzyme acts as a catalyst for the bond formation both.

D. All of the above


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Biochemistry Basics – 21859


Stability of the toxoid in snake’s venom is due to:

A. Disulfide bond

B. Hydrogen bond

C. Ionic bond

D. Van Der Wall’s bond


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Biochemistry Basics – 21668


Trinucleotide repeats are found in:

A. Huntington’s disease

B. Spinocerebellar ataxia

C. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

D. Parkinson’s disease


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Biochemistry Basics – 21862


There are more than 300 variants of human hemoglobin gene. Among these only a few are fatal. Hence, the most important factor to be conserved in a protein for its function is the:

A. Amino acid sequence

B. Ligand binding residues

C. Structure

D. Environment


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Biochemistry Basics – 21643


Elongation arrest occurs due to?



C. Signal peptide

D. Docking protein


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