→ Membranous bags with hydrolytic enzymes.

→ Buds off from trans-(concave) face of Golgi Apparatus.

→ Lysosomal enzymes: Synthesized in rough ER & processed by Golgi Apparatus.

→ Marker lysosomal enzyme – Acid phosphatase acting optimally in acidic pH.

Other lysosomal enzymes = Ribo-nuclease, deoxy-ribonuclease, glucosidase, arylsulfatase, collagenase & cathepsins.

Hydrolytic enzymes for digesting large proteins, polysaccharides, fats & nucleic acids.

Functions of Lysosomes:

Lytic activity:

→ Destruction of Unwanted substances, Aged Proteins & Bacteria.

→ H+ – ATP’ ase channel proteins  Concentrates H+ within lysosomes  Acidic pH.

→ Acidic pH  Destruction of unwanted subs.

→ SUICIDAL BAGS / RESIDUAL BODIES = Acidic pH destroying lysosomes itself.

Lysosomal Enzymes -Acid phosphatase, Acid hydrolase & Acid lipase (All ACIDIC)


→ “Self-Destruction” – Nobel Prize concept.

→ Aids in survival during starvation.

→ Starvation  Lysosomes engulf & destroy mitochondria  Releases proteins from IMM. → Energy (from proteins released).

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