Anterior triangle of neck

Anterior triangle of neck



  • MEDIALLY: Anterior median plane of neck
  • LATERALLY: Sternocliedomastoid  muscles
  • SUPERIORLY:Base mandible & a line joining angle of mandible to mastoid process


It encloses :

  1. 4 suprahyoid muscles
  2. 4 infrahyoid muscles
  • It is divided into 4 subtriangles by  digastric & omohyoiid muscles:
Sides Ant. belly of digastric
Base Body Of Hyoid
Apex At chin

Rt. & Lt. Mylohyoid muscle & median raphe uniting them

  1. 2 or 4 submental lymph node b/w ant. bellies of digastric
  2. Submental veins, Submental lymoh nodes
 Anteroinferior Ant. belly of digastric
  1. Post. belly of digastric
  2. Stylohyoid
 Superior or   base
  1.  Base mandible
  2. Line joining angle of mandible to mastoid process
  1. Skin
  2. Superficial fascia: Platysma, Cervical branch of VII CN & ascending br. of transverse cutaneous
  3. Deep Fascia:Splits to enclose submandibular gland
  1. Ant. Mylohyoid
  2. Post. Hyoglossus
  3. Middle constrictor
 Ant. Part Of   Triangle
  1. Structure sup. to Mylohyoid: Superficial part of Submandibular gland & lymph node, Facial Vein, facial artery, submental artery, mylohyoid nerve & vessels.
  2. Structure Sup. to hyoglossus: Sumandibular gland, Intermediate tendon of digastric,  stylohyoid, hypoglossal nerve
 Post. Part   Of Triangle
  1. Superficial :Lower part of parotid gland & ECA before entering parotid
  2. Deep:(b/w ex. & in. Carotid)Styloglossus, stylopharyngeus, glossopharyngeal nerve, Pharyngeal brannch of X CN, styloid process, part of parotid gland
  3. Deepest: Internal carotid , internal jugular, vagus

  1. Post. Belly of digastric
  2. Stylohyoid
 Anteroinferior   Sup. belly of omohyoid
 Posterior   Ant. border of sternocliedomastoid
  1. Skin
  2. Superficial fascia contain platysma, cervical branchVII, transverse cutaneous
  3. Investing layer of deep cervical fascia
  1. Thyrohyoid muscle
  2. Hyoglossus
  3. Middle constrictor
  4. Inf. constrictor

  1. Common carotid artery , Carotid sinus, Carotid body
  2. Internal carotid artery
  3. External carotid artery with branches(sup. thyroid, lingual, facial,ascend. pharyngeal, facial

Pharyngeal vein  Lingual vein

        ↓     X     ↓        

Common facial → Internal jugular

  1. Vagus→ sup. laryngeal→ext. & int. laryngeal
  2. Spinal accessory
  3. Hypoglossal→Upper root of ansa cervicalis & br. to thyrohyoid
  4. Sympathetic chain
 Lymph Node
  1. Deep cervical node
  2. Juglodigastric node
  3. Jugulo-omohyoid node

Carotid sheath & it’s content


 Anterior Ant. median line of neck from hyoid to  sternum
 Postersuperior Sup. belly of omohyoid
 Posteroinferior Ant. border of sternocleidomastoid
  • Infrahyoid muscles  arranged in 2 layers:
  1. Superficial:Sternohyoid, Omohyoid
  2. Deep:Sternothyroid, thyrohyoid
  • Ventral rami of 1, 2, 3 cervical spinal nerve
Exam Question
  • Anterior triangles of neck are-Submental, Digastric, Carotid, Muscular.
  • Submental lymph nodes drain superficial tissues beliw tge chin, central part of lower lip, adjoining gums, anterior part if floor of mouth & tip of tongue.
  • On both sides submental triangle is bounded by Anterior belly of diagastric.
  • Posterior boundary of carotid triangle is formed by anterior border of sternocleidomastoid.
  • Hypoglossal nerve is a content of both digastric & carotid triangles.
  • Structure superficial to mylohyoid in anterior digastric triangle is Mylohyoid artery & nerve
  • Floor of digastric triangle is formed by mylohyoid (anteriorly) & hyoglossus (posteriorly)
  • Infrahyoid ribbon muscles are the chief contents of muscular triangle.
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