Degradation of Pyrimidine Nucleotides

Degradation of Pyrimidine Nucleotides


  • Cytosine and Uracil to Beta Alanine — CO2, NH3
  • Thymine and β- aminoisobutyrate — CO2, NH3
  • The end products are highly water soluble.

Exam Important

  1. The end products of pyrimidine catabolism are highly water soluble. E.g. CO2, NH3,  β- aminoisobutyrate, beta alanine.
  2. Pseudouridine is excreted unchanged as it cannot be catabolized in human.
  3. Humans have no enzyme that can catabolise pseudouridine derived from degradation of t-RNA.
  4. There is no energy generated in pyrimidine catabolism.
  5. The end products of pyrimidine catabolism is CO2 and H2O.
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