Forced diuresis

Forced diuresis

Forced diuresis:

  • Elimination  of already  absorbed poison  from  circulation can be done by Forced diuresis.
  • Diuresis and  ion  trapping  via alteration  of urinary pH may  prevent  the  renal reabsorption  of poisons  that  undergo  excretion by  glomerular  filtration  and  active  tubular  secretion.

It is of two types:

Alkaline  diuresis :

  • Poisons  which are  trapped  and  excreted  in  alkaline  urine  are barbiturates (phenobarbitone) chlorpropamide,  diffunisol,  sulfonamides  and  salicylates.

Acid  diuresis:

  • It  is  done  for  amphetamines, cocaine, strychnine,  phencyclidine,quinidine,  quinine, chloroquine,  TCA  and tocainide.

Saline  diuresis:

  • It  is  useful  for  for alcohol,  thallium,  bromide,  lithium,  fluoride,  chromium, potassium  and  isoniazide.
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