Hilum Of Lung

Hilum Of Lung

  • Hilum (root) of the lung connects is the medial surface of the lung to the mediastinum.
  • It comprises structures entering or coming out of the lung at the hilum.
  • It lies opposite the T5 – T7 vertebrae.
  • Arrangement of structure in the hilum is as follows-

1. Anterior to posterior (same on both side):

  1. Superior pulmonary vein
  2. Pulmonary artery
  3. Bronchus

2. Superior to inferior

  1. Right: i) Eparterial bronchus (superior most) ii) Pulmonary artery, iii) Hyparterial bronchus, iv) Inferior pulmonary vein (inferior most)
  2. Left: i) Pulmonary artery (superior most), ii) Primary/ Principal bronchus iii) inferior pulmonary vein (inferior most).
  • On right side, hilum of the lung is arched by azygous vein & on left side by arch of aorta.






Common on both sides

  • Phrenic nerve
  • Pericardiophrenic vessels
  • Anterior pulmonary plexus

Common on both sides

  • Vagus nerve
  • Posterior pulmonary plexus

On right side

  • Terminal part of azygous vein
  •  Pulmonary ligament

On right side

  • SVC
  • Part of right atrium

On left side

  • Descending thoracic aorta

On left side

  • Arch of aorta


 Exam Question
  • At hilum of lung Primary/Principal bronchus enters.
  • Posterior relation of hilum of lung is Vagus nerve.
  • he hilum of the right lung is arched by Azygous vein.
  • Pulmonary artery is the uppermost structure in left lung hilum.
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