Pelvis Musculature



The pelvic muscles of importance in gynaecology are those of the pelvic floor grouped into three layers:

Pelvic Diaphragm 2 levator ani muscles

  • Pubococcygeus
  • Iliococcygeus
  • Ischiococcygeus
Obturator internus
Urogenital Diaphragm Sphincter urethra

Deep transverse Perineal

Compressor urethra

Superficial Layer Superficial transverse Perineal



The external
sphincter muscle of the anus

Muscle Origin Insertion
Pubococcygeus Post. Pubic bone Anococcygeal raphe and coccyx
Iliococcygeus white line of the pelvic fascia coccyx.
Ischiococcygeus ischial spine coccyx
Obturator internus Pelvic aspect of ischium & ilium

Obturator membrane

 Greater trochantor of femur
Puborectalis  Posterior surface of pubis   Midline sling posterior to rectum
Sphincter urethra   Circular anatomical sphincter  Fuses with deep transverse perinei
Compressor urethra  ischiopubic ramus Blends with its partner on the other side

anterior to urethra

below external urethral sphincter

Superficial transverse Perineal  Ischial tuberosity   Perineal body
Ischiocavernous   Ischial tuberosity  Clitoris
bulbospongiosus  Central point of  perineum  symphysis pubis
Deep transverse Perineal  Ramus of ischium  Perineal body
The external
sphincter muscle of the anus
Central point of the perineum Surrounds the anus


The roles of the pelvic floor muscles are:

  • Support of abdominopelvic viscera (bladder, intestines, uterus etc.) through their tonic contraction.
  • Resistance to increases in intra-pelvic/abdominal pressure during activities such as coughing or lifting heavy objects.
  • Urinary and fecal continence.The muscle fibers have a sphincter action on the rectum and urethra. They relax to allow urination and defecation.Puborectalis is essential to maintain continence

Exam Important

  • Muscles that can cause external rotation of the hip include Obturator internus
  • Pubovaginalis, External urethral sphincter & Bulbospongiosus are sphincters of lower genito urinary tract of female 
  • Pelvic diaphragm is formed by Pubococcygeus,Iliococcygeus & Pubovaginalis
  • Urogenital Diaphragm is made up of Sphincter urethrae , Perineal membrane & Deep transverse Perineal muscle
  • Superficial perineal muscles include Bulbospongiosus
  • Lateral border of ischeorectal fossa is formed by Obturator internus
  • Puborectalis is essential to maintain continence
  • Sphincter urethrae is Voluntary, Arises from ischiopubic ramus and are Supplied by pudendal nerve
  • Pubococcygeus supports prostate
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