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It is winter,  when a 3-year-old previously healthy child is brought to the emergency department after the parents witness a 5- to 10- minute episode of shaking of the arms and legs. The shaking stopped while on route to the emergency department. The child is now sleepy and not responsive to questions but responds during the exam. His temperature is 103.1 F. There is minimal nasal congestion, the throat is erythematous, the neck is supple, and bilateral anterior cervical adenopathy is present. The spleen tip is palpable. Heart exam is normal, and lungs are clear. What is a rapid and sensitive method to make the diagnosis?

A. Viral culture of nasopharyngeal specimen


Influenza A enzyme immunoassay antigen detection on throat specimen


Influenza A direct fluorescent antibody on nasopharyngeal specimen


Influenza A IgG serology on acute serum

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