Ameloblastoma/Adamantinoma/Eve’s disease

  • Arises from the dental epithelium
  • Most commonly in mandible
  • Occasionally seen in the base of skull in relation to Rathke’s pouch or in Tibia
  • Variant of basal cell carcinoma
  • Locally malignant
  • Can occur in a pre-existing dentigerous cyst
  • Egg shell crackling on palpation
  • Lymph nodes not involved
  • OPG shows honey comb appearance
  • Segmental resection or Hemimandibulectomy is the treatment
Exam Question

  • Ameloblastoma is the Most common odontogenic tumour
  • Ameloblastoma is Generally benign
  • Ameloblastoma is Common in 3rd to 5th decade
  • Most common jaw tumor is Ameloblastoma 
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