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Image Based Question – 73099


Which statement is incorrect about the pathology shown in the image:

A. Tumor arise from epiphyseal to metaphyseal region

B. Tumor has distinct margin

C. Eccentric lesion

D. Chemotherapy is the treatment of choice


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Image Based Question – 73101


What should be the most likely diagnosis of this 65 year old lady presents with backache and following radiograph of the spine shown in image:

A. Osteoporosis

B. Spondylolisthesis

C. Spondylolysis

D. Discitis


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Image Based Question – 73106


Identify the condition as shown:

A. Brodie abscess

B. Osteoid osteoma

C. Intracortical hemangioma

D. Chondromyxoid fibroma


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Image Based Question – 73900


A child presented with pain in the forearm following a trauma. An AP and lateral X-ray of the forearm reveal the findings as shown. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A. Colle’s fracture

B. Smith fracture

C. Monteggia fracture

D. Galeazzi’s fracture


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Image Based Question – 73902


A 9-year-old child presents to your clinic with the following deformity. Which is the most likely fracture leading to such a defect?

A. Colle’s fracture

B. Lateral epicondyle fracture

C. Medial epicondyle fracture

D. Supracondylar fracture


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Image Based Question – 73903


Which of the following test is being demonstrated by the given image?

A. Straight leg raising test

B. Thomas test

C. Narath sign

D. Trendelenburg test


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Image Based Question – 73905


Identify the deformity seen in the given picture:

A. Hallux valgus

B. Hallux varus

C. Cubitus valgus

D. Rheumatoid nodule


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Image Based Question – 74149


This is the X-ray of a 7-year-old child. Identify the deformity:

A. Coxa vara

B. Coxa valgus

C. Coxa magna

D. Coxa saltans


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Image Based Question – 74150


Identify the well circumscribed osteolytic lesion in a 8-year-old child in the calcaneum with pigmented deposit, with pathologic age:

A. Ochronosis

B. Hemophilic pseudotumor

C. Pigmented villonodular Synovitis

D. Eumycetes/mycetoma


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Image Based Question – 74379


What is the most likely cause of the abnormality seen in the wrist X-ray from a 12 years old boy as shown below?

A. Scaphoid fracture

B. Colles’ fracture

C. Osteoporosis

D. Rickets


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