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AIIMS PG Exam – 84884


Match the following types of lymphoma with types of translocations
column A

A. Burkitt’s lymphoma

B. Mantle tumor

C. Marginal tumor

D. Follicular tumor

column B

1. t(11,14)
2. t(11,18)
3. t(8,14)
4. t(14,18) 

A. a-1,b-2,c-3,d-4

B. A-2,b-1,c-4,d-3

C. A-2,b-3,c-1,d-4

D. a-3,b-1,c-2,d-4


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84887


Iron is taken up into enterocytes through which of the following?

A. DMT-2

B. DMT-1

C. Ferroprotein 1



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AIIMS PG Exam – 84889


Which of the following is activated by intrinsic or extrinsic pathways?

A. Apoptosis

B. Necrosis

C. Necroptosis

D. Ferroptosis


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84891


Which one of the following is not a criterion for making a diagnosis of chronic myeloid leukemia in accelerated phase:

A. Blasts 10-19% of WBC’s in peripheral blood

B. Basophils 10-19% of WBC’S in peripheral blood

C. Increasing spleen size unresponsive to therapy

D. Persistent thrombocytosis (>1000 x 109/L) unresponsive to therapy 


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84893


Vwf factor is produced by:

A. Platelets

B. Endothelial cells

C. Neutrophils

D. Monocytes


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84892


Which of the following findings is diagnostic of iron deficiency anemia?

A. Increased TIBC, decreased serum ferritin

B. Decreased TIBC, decreased serum ferritin

C. Increased TIBC, increased serum ferritin

D. Decreased TIBC, increased serum ferritin


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84896


True about yθT cells:

A. Are helper t cells

B. Oligoclonal proliferation

C. Antigen presentation

D. Opsonization


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84901


False about Bone marrow biopsy 

A. Can be done in prone or lateral position

B. To find out infiltrative and granulomatous disorders

C. Breath holding not necessary

D. Contraindicated when platelet count is below 40,000


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84882


Match the following



C. Molluscum contagiosum

D. BK polyoma

1. Owl’s eye

2. Henderson–Patterson bodies

3. Decoy cell

4. Koilocytes 

A. a-1,b-2,c-3,d-4

B. a-4,b-1,c -3,d-4

C. a-4,b-1,c-2,d-3

D. a-4,b-2,c-1,d-3


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