Gurukul Tradition – Lesson of Humility & Hardship

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(Lesson of Humility & Hardship)

I often wonder why Kids Prefer Cartoon, Grandparents (and Parents or equivalent) prefer Likes of Ramayan and We Students stuck at SPLITSVILLA.

But this is not what I will write about this week.

This Saturday my Parents were watching Ramayan – The Old Ramanand Sagar one

[I really wonder if any one of you reading this will know about Old Ramayan from Ramanand Sagar but For Simplicity, The One created by Ramanand Sagar besides being very very old , is high on content and low on cinematography as compared to many recent ones]

The Episode was in which Lord Ram , had now attained 5 years of age and was not to got to “Gurukul” to learn along with his other 3 brothers.

Now To Understand this situation fully  consider these following

  1. Lord Ram (and his brothers) were born after very tough penance by Lord Dhasratha
  2. Lord Ram was the heir to the BIGGEST and the STRONGEST Kingdom of all times
  3. Lord Ram was Only 5 Years (or so) old when he had to goto gurukul.

Now Lets See what Gurukul meant at that time.

  1. Beg for food (For Yourself and your Guru)
  2. Do all the work in Gurukul (Remember @ 5 Years of Age)
  3. Live on minimal


So You see this is what I found interesting.

Lord Ram , who was born out of great penance , and was the Heir to the Strongest Kingdom on earth was sent to gurukul by his Father , wherein he will have to beg for Food, Live with other students like ordinary with no special privileges , work his A**E off , all at a tender age of 5.


 Now How many of us will do this to our Kids ??


In fact , we go out of our way to provide the BEST of BEST for our KIDs.

We teach them to make “Good” Friends a.k.a Other Children who belong to the same social strata.

We Give them access to everything which we can afford [even if we have to take loans ]


So can we Learn a Few things from Those “Gurukul” days or is it just that now “Things are Different” ??

Well I feel, Still we can Learn a Few Things


Lesson of Humility


In ancient scriptures it is said that to learn from the Master , the Disciple must sit at the teachers feet. This may be just another way of saying that , HE Who is not HUMBLE will not learn anything. The lesson of Humility was etched into the fabric of Gurukul. [Begging for Food, Staying like ordinary ]

Now,  I know neither we have Gurukuls nor we can send our children to Beg . But Still we should try to incorporate the value of Humility into our children.


Importance of Hardships


I know we all want to give everything to our children. We want to pave every path and carve every opportunity for them. We never want them to face any hardships in Life.


These hardships are the forces that will sculpture them into masterpieces.

These hardships are the forces that will make them strong enough to face any and every challenge in Life

These hardships will build their character and their will to find a way out of every situation.

These hardships will bring out the innermost strength and talent out of them.


Imagine a Cub being brought up in a Cage with all facilities

but no challenges [of the wild],

Will he be able to survive in a Jungle ??

Even Dogs may hunt him down.


if You have read till this Point , I have a challenge For you.

Can you think of and share with me some practical ways to inculcate HUMILITY in our Children ??

Email me at


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